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My Story

Personally knowing the inner pain and struggle of excess weight, autoimmune disease, PCOS and hormone imbalances I was determined to find a better way of living than in constant frustration and road blocks.

I have struggled with weight maintenance for most of my life. Since age 12 the 1-2 lbs gained here and there would weigh heavy not only on the scale but on my confidence, my mood and my relationship with food and fitness. I would manage to loose 5 or even 10 lbs but then slowly they would creep back on and I would get more and more frustrated. I ate healthy, I exercised moderately 3-4 times per week and I rarely over indulged and still I continued to struggle.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s when my husband and I decided we were ready for children and were disappointed month after month with yet another negative pregnancy test that I finally went to the doctor for answers. After a few tests I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not the answer I wanted but at least now I knew what I was up against and I started formulating my overcoming PCOS protocol.

After 2 months of diligently making these lifestyle changes I was finally pregnant with our oldest daughter! I loved being pregnant and aside from some very mild morning sickness life was amazing!!!! But, although I was eating healthy still exercising I began packing on the pounds.

I gained almost 70 pounds with  my first two pregnancies (only 21 months apart). It was then I decided I was going to conquer this issue once and for all and the quest had begun! With my masters in Physician Assistant Sciences and Bachelors in Health Science focusing on nutrition and exercise physiology I had years of knowledge of what’s supposed to work but with the combination of our modern diets, variation in body types, and hormonal balances it just wasn’t working for me I was missing some key components of implementing health in my life. From my educational background and my personal journey and all the amazing things I have discovered that actually work. And this is how, through research and implementation and my joy and passion to teach and watch others implement these simple lifestyle changes and live BETTER is how Nourished to Healthy got started!

I’m not going to say it’s never hard now, however, I have found my way, my better self and it motivates me to correct myself when needed so I can enjoy my life fully!


My Values & Beliefs

Food is Medicine!

What we put in our bodies is beyond important! We can prevent, improve and even reverse diseases through our nutrition. The first step is to understand how to alter your current diet so as to make a positive impact on your health. Good nutrition doesn’t have to mean boring and bland but it takes time to change habits! So let me invite you on a journey to make these changes and incorporate health into your daily routine.

Traditional or Holistic Approach to Healing?

Doctors and prescription medication can be a lifesaver when your health-boat is sinking, I am a Physician Assistant, which means I was trained in that model and I still believe in it! However, this is your body, your health and its time to take it beyond crisis mode and into TRUE HEALTH!

Traditional medicine has made huge advances in the last several decades but focuses on the disease process

Naturopath medicine doesn’t integrate or play well with others since it is based on natural methods so any deviation becomes hypocrisy.

The Nutritionist and Personal Trainers have so much to offer but when all areas of health and medicine are segmented the patient will suffer. I feel so passionate about this that I set out to help my clients get both the natural wellness and the understanding of what traditional methods are available should they need them. 

Three Steps to Health

To grow in true health I believe it is vital to nourish your body wisely, get some consistent physical activity and provide yourself some self-care.  

The Diet that Works!

The only “Diet” that works is the lifestyle you design and embrace as your way of life. There is no right diet. The key is designing something that is healthy, sustainable and works with YOUR life!


My Approach

Most importantly you are not a carbon copy of any other person out there, so your health is very unique to you. What to add into or remove from your diet is also very specific to you! What are you struggling with?

Weight loss, energy, fertility, emotions or mood instability, skin concern, hair loss, something else? or all of the above?

Well, whichever word above resonated with you most could have several different underlying causes: Stress, sleep disturbance, hormone imbalance, blood sugar regulation, inflammation, gut health, PCOS or a combination of these.

The trick is to uncover which one (s) you are dealing with so that your approach is on target and effective.

On this website, you will find links to many resources on all of these topics so that you can better understand your body and what healthy habits would help you the most!

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