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Frequently Asked PCOS Questions

How does lifestyle help with PCOS?

PCOS is an imbalance of hormones and a tendency or already present insulin resistance. Our nutrition choices and physical activity play a huge role in furthering the imbalance or reversing it. you can learn more about the diet to reverse PCOS by downloading the PCOS Meal Plan SnapShot by clicking HERE!

What are the components of a PCOS friendly lifestyle?

Nutrition is the big first step I focus on with clients but is not the only important consideration when living a PCOS friendly lifestyle. You can learn more about the diet to reverse PCOS by downloading the PCOS Meal Plan SnapShot by clicking HERE!

The other important components are physical activity, emotional wellness and taking care of your self beyond just the physical basics. 

How should I exercise?

I get asked this a lot! There is not one exercise or type of movement that is “best” for PCOS. The amount or the type of exercise I recommend to clients varies based on where they are at with their PCOS and where they need the most help.

If you would like to dive deeper into how to use physical movement to improve your PCOS lifestyle I would love to chat with you! Click HERE to schedule a PCOS breakthrough session with me! 

I hear that self care is important for women with PCOS but I don't even know where to start?

This is a deep topic but two exercises I have clients do are very helpful! 

First of all the objections, I hear regarding self-care are time and that the women feel that other members of her family are more important than her. 

Time is the easier one so let’s start there. What are your top 5 priorities for the week? schedule those first then add the other would like to do items into the week. I hope your health and happiness is one of those 5…..but if not let’s take a second look at them!

Feeling worthy of time, effort and sometimes even a little money is very common for women. We like to serve others and often do this at the expense of ourselves. we dive deeper into this along with many other topics in our Facebook Group. Click HERE Join us there! 

Where can I find support?

PCOS is a uniquely challenging diagnosis. It has both physical and emotional aspects that only someone who has it can understand. I would love to be part of your support team! let’s get to know each other better over a conversation. Click HERE to schedule a PCOS breakthrough session today!

Favorite FREE Resources:

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Learn how to get started with the essential diet guidelines to improve your PCOS

The Ultimate Guide to PCOS

Diagnosed but not sure what PCOS is, how it affects your body or what to do about the numerous annoying symptoms. This is a great place to start getting your questions answered.

Free PCOS Breakthrough Session

Still feeling completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Prehaps you have heard people say you must give up sugar, gluten and dairy and don’ tknow how to make these changes.

Well, first of all, I don’t believe in huge leaps and bounds that are bound to fail. Schedule a FEE session with me so we can discuss your struggles and see what baby steps would be the most beneficial to get you started.

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