Episode #17: My daughter has PCOS,

Help me help her

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my daughter has PCOS, Help me help her

What you’ll learn in this episode

The topic of this episode is how to support a family member that may have PCOS or has been diagnosed with PCOS

This is a topic that I get asked about not infrequently and it falls into three categories of how we can help our daughters who are struggling with PCOS. As age creates a wide difference in approach to PCOS I’m including the timestamps for each category so that you can easily jump to the section that suits you.

~ Young Daughter 3:11
~ Teen 7:36
~ Adult Daughter 18:00

How to support your Daughter

As a mom, we want to jump in and fix things for our kids and there are many resources that I can assist you in providing your daughter should she want them. But more than providing her with a list of resources I recommend creating a safe space for her to talk, feel what she is feeling, and not need to always be taking action to “improve”.

What You Can Do That Helps

I will link to those in the show notes below; a list of resources to share with your daughter so that she can learn how she can get started with a natural approach to managing PCOS.

And lastly thank you for being here to listen to this episode. It shows how much you care for your daughter and just that support and caring will do wonders for her as she navigates through her PCOS journey.

Happy Listening!

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