Episode #18: PCOS & Birth Control 

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PCOS & Birth Control

What you’ll learn in this episode

Hormonal birth control is the primary option offered by health care providers to assist women with PCOS symptoms. But there is a lot to consider when deciding whether to start or stop taking hormonal birth control. How to manage the symptoms. How to prevent pregnancy without having to use hormones and so much more.

That my friend is why this episode will cover all things hormonal birth control and PCOS and how to ultimately create the lifestyle that works for you!

Hormonal Birth Control 

So there are many types and formulations of hormonal birth control that we will go over as well as how they may be helpful or detrimental for managing PCOS symptoms

  • The Pill
  • The Implant 
  • The Ring
  • The IUD 
  • The Patch
  • The Shot

Remember that the hormones these options attempt to replicate are only the tip of the iceberg for hormone balancing. This means they are 

Recovering from Hormonal Birth Control

This usually takes a minimum of 3 months and that isn’t uncommon for women without PCOS as well. With PCOS however it can take six months or even up to a year or more depending on the degree of imbalance of your hormones. But the good news is that you can actually do a lot of the recovery even while on birth control. And we cover that in this episode. So go ahead and listen now!

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