Episode #20: The PCOS Diagnosis Dilemma

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The PCOS Diagnosis dilemma

What you’ll learn in this episode

Did anyone ever ask WHY your body was struggling when they gave you the PCOS Diagnosis?

To discover your PCOS root cause we need to start by asking why! Why are you having period problems, infertility, and weight gain? Why?

Doctors seek to label your collection of symptoms with a diagnosis. This leads them to medications and procedural options to address unwanted symptoms. The problem is those medications don’t treat the root of the issue.

Well, in this episode I discuss the difference between being labeled with a diagnosis and getting a full PCOS workup. Let’s dive in so you can start discovering the root cause of your PCOS. 

The PCOS Diagnosis

The first place to start with anything is to get clear what you are up against, then you can move on the changing, improving, and healing. 

This is where getting diagnosed comes in. It also includes ruling out other possible causes of your symptoms. Then the next step, a very important and often missed step is to ask and discover why!

Why is your body struggling leading to these unwanted symptoms of:
Weight struggles
Mood disturbances
Energy slumps
Skin and hair concerns
And so much more.

That is exactly what will cover in this episode – how to uncover the why behind PCOS and not just get a diagnosis.

A Full PCOS Workup

Testing is important to both rule in the diagnosis of PCOS as well as to rule out other possible causes of the symptoms you are having. Imaging for cysts or other causes of irregular cycles and fertility problems. This episode focuses on going beyond testing to interpret your body’s signs and symptoms to discover why. But that doesn’t mean labs aren’t important. They are! What labs are ordered and when you are tested provide very important information. 

As promised in this episode, here is a list of labs I recommend testing as well as when during your cycle to test and what the hormone or lab value is. 



A Natural Approach to Treating PCOS

Then once you have a clear diagnosis and know what hormones your labs show as unbalanced we can go a step deeper into why! 

The why is found in the root cause of hormones insulin, cortisol, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies. In blood work, these often are still in the normal range because your body is doing acrobatics to survive and function the best it can. Over time your body won’t be able to keep up and these lab values will begin to shift toward abnormal. So how do we discover the root cause?

Your symptoms 

Looking further into your symptoms will help you discover where your body needs extra care and attention in order to reverse your PCOS at the root cause. 

What symptoms should you pay attention to? That is what the PCOS root cause quiz is all about. 

Take the root cause quiz 

And then listen to this episode to learn how to listen to what your body is telling you so that you can provide it the care that it needs. When you approach your PCOS care at the root cause you can:

Optimize fertility
Lose and maintain weight easily
Have easy regular periods
Feel great and have lots of energy
Have healthy skin and hair

That’s why this episode’s topic is so important, hope you enjoy it! Happy listening!

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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