Episode #21: PCOS & Anxiety 

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PCOS & anxiety

What you’ll learn in this episode

Whether mild anxiety is making it hard to find peace or extreme anxiety and panic episodes associated with PCOS are debilitating to regular life this episode will help give you tools to create more peace and calm in your day today.

During today’s episode, I will share natural and lifestyle approaches that you can include with any recommendations from your doctor. Go have a listen. 

How are PCOS and anxiety linked

Anxiety is a complex problem and some of the recommendations today can feel like over-simplifying it but they are meant to be a tool to use as a portion of anxiety management 

Anxiety has emotional, physical, and chemical components that can feed off each other and worsen the condition.

During this episode, I discuss how to naturally lessen the impact of the emotional, physical as well as chemical contributing factors to increase the calm in your day-to-day.

Lifestyle Practices to Promote Peace (tools for peace)

Anxiety is rooted in a feeling of helplessness. What we want or need is outside of your control. 

While many things are outside of our control, creating a path toward them seldom is and that is what makes the tools discussed in this episode so powerful to combat anxiety and stress. 

So if you are ready to enjoy your day more, stop wasting energy by being anxious and the calm that you get when you feel empowered go ahead and listen to this episode now. 

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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