Episode #25: PCOS and Depression 

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PCOS and Depression

What you’ll learn in this episode

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are more likely to experience depression. Studies say that anywhere from 27 percent to around 50 percent of women with PCOS report being depressed, compared to around 19 percent of women without PCOS. That is more than double…. But does depression have to your reality and how can you break past these statistics so that you can live a life that you are excited to engage in? That is what today’s episode is all about. 


Before we dive into this topic I want to give a disclaimer! Depression is a serious situation and one that I encourage you to seek help from your medical doctor as well as your therapist. And if you feel like your depression is at all putting you at risk call a crisis line and ask for assistance. I will add some resources in the show notes to offer a starting point for further support. This episode is meant to offer encouragement that it can get better and a holistic approach to health that you can implement alongside the support of your medical team. This episode is not meant to treat depression or to take the place of seeking medical help.

PCOS & Depression: What’s the Connection?

Here is what we do know about why depression and PCOS often occur together.

Our mood and mental outlook are very complicated. They are a combination our what is happening in our lives and our skills at coping with it, Also our mindset and the thoughts that we keep rehearsing in our minds as well as our current chemical or hormonal state.

What is the treatment for depression if you have PCOS?

In addition to working with your medical team, you can take a holistic approach by caring for your PCOS-related hormones and root cause.

If you would like to get started caring for your PCOS root cause the best place to start is to take the PCOS root cause quiz and then go back and listen to episodes 3 & 4 which I will link to in the show notes below.

The PCOS and Depression Cycle

For women with PCOS and depression, there may be a cycle of depression symptoms and PCOS symptoms. For example, depression can cause weight gain, which can make PCOS worse. This, in turn, can worsen depression.

But you can also break this cycle by addressing the root causes of insulin, stress, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, or hormone disturbances. And that starts by taking the PCOS root cause quiz.

Resources & References Mentioned in this episode

Take the PCOS Root cause quiz to learn what your body needs to heal 

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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