Episode #3: PCOS Root Causes

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PCOS Root Causes

What you’ll learn in this episode

The symptoms of PCOS are only the tip of the iceberg, the part we see and experience but they arise from various root causes found in your metabolic and endocrine hormones 

Be sure to listen to this episode where I will be outlining the root causes of PCOS and how to finally narrow in on what your body needs to make progress with your symptoms

PCOS Root Causes

There are four primary root cause categories. As you listen you will see that we break some of these down further into subcategories but are the primary four: 

  • The insulin effect
  • Inflammation
  • Hormone and nutrition disturbances
  • Stress response 

Once you get clear on which one is your current primary root cause then you can follow the care plan for each root cause. 

An Environment of Health

Don’t forget that as our environment changes so does how our genetics respond, allowing our PCOS root causes to heal leading to improvement of our symptoms. 

Learning what your current PCOS root cause is can be incredibly beneficial so I hope you have your listening ears ready, now go listen and learn all about your PCOS root cause.

Here’s a glance at this episode…


If you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working to improve your polycystic ovarian syndrome, then I encourage you to listen to this episode because I’m going to outline the root causes of PCOS and how to finally narrow in on what your body needs to make progress to reverse your PCOS symptoms.


The symptoms of PCOS are only the tip of the iceberg. The part that we see and experience. They arise from various root causes found in your metabolic and endocrine hormones. You might have heard of different PCOS types, but I find that root causes are a more accurate way of describing this.


Insulin also tells your body to NOT burn fat. Too much insulin leads to energy crashes after eating. [The presence of] increase in androgens leading to unwanted hair, skin issues, hair loss, and problems ovulating.


You can …have hormone and nutritional disturbances as your primary root cause, or you could have either one of these individually. 


inflammation that is unrelated to PCOS. That can also lead to the worsening of PCOS. The inflammation in a different condition is also impacting and worsening your PCOS.


Environmental stressors include pretty much anything that enters, like this bubble that we live in. But we may need to relook at how we approach these stressors in our lives because they may be having a detrimental effect on our body. 


But once you know your PCOS root cause, you can make the needed adjustments to reverse your PCOS and live in a strong and healthy body. 

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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