Episode #7: PCOS Symptoms vs Labs

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pcos labs vs symptoms

What you’ll learn in this episode

PCOS labs and symptoms can give insight into what’s going on with your polycystic ovarian syndrome. So which is best? Labs or symptoms and what should you look to as you reverse your PCOS. 

The goal is to remove the symptoms and hurdles that PCOS is causing in your life. But it’s easy to get caught up in searching for why, and when nothing seems to be helping to run all the same tests again because something must have been missed! 

In this episode, we are talking about when lab tests are helpful and when we need to go beyond labs to get the answers we need to take the actions necessary to reverse PCOS.


So how does lab work assist with the management and healing of PCOS? What does lab work actually tell us? 

Back in episode #5, we discussed how medical treatment and your doctor can assist you on your PCOS journey even if you are taking a natural approach. 

This episode will help you take the next step to understand how to collect and use the information that both your blood tests and your symptoms are giving you.

Navigating Healing PCOS

To assist you in navigating, gathering this information, and getting the assistance you need I have a checklist for you and you can get a copy here.

What PCOS Symptoms Tell You?

And that brings us to what do your symptoms tell you about your hormones and PCOS? 

They are a huge indicator of what’s going on at the root of your PCOS hormone imbalance. If you haven’t already you can learn more about PCOS root causes in episode #3. As you start to listen to your symptoms the PCOS root cause quiz will help you decipher the symptoms and what they mean here.

And that’s why I’m here

The PCOS Repair podcast is here to help you learn more and more about your PCOS root causes and how to heal and reverse your PCOS naturally. So if you enjoyed today’s episode, tap the subscribe button so that you get notified when the next episode is released. Next week is all about how to get pregnant when you have PCOS. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…


There is so much focus on getting your doctor to order all the “right” labs when you have or think you may have PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome. But is blood work really as important as it seems and if so, what labs really need to be ordered? These are great questions, and today’s episode is going to cover all things PCOS labs and what you really need to know and pay attention to as you monitor and reverse your polycystic ovarian syndrome.


First of all, how does blood work actually assist with the management of PCOS? What do these labs actually tell us? In some ways, they tell us a great deal, but in other ways, they don’t tell us a whole lot. It’s important to remember that when we’re talking about hormones and the endocrine system and the metabolic system, even a slight shift from your normal can lead to a huge impact on symptoms and overall health. 


Take it all with a grain of salt and take both what the body is telling us through symptoms as well as what medical science can tell us through lab work and other tests to put it all together to get a clear picture of what’s going on with your PCOS. So what labs should you order anyway, and why? 


I’m going to link a free resource for you in the resource section below in the show notes. And that resource is called your PCOS Advocate Checklist. And there’s just a bunch of great information there about how to go about getting the right labs tested, talking to your doctor and all of those things, even if you’re wanting to heal your PCOS in a more natural way. 


Your symptoms are really what’s important for assessing what your body needs to balance your hormones and to reverse your PCOS. So what symptoms should you take note of? 


Symptoms are going to tell us from day to day what our body actually needs so that we can respond in real-time. So what do you do now? I want you to go back and listen to episodes three and four where we talk about the PCOS root causes and lifestyle medicine and how to go about understanding your PCOS root cause. 

 It’s direct feedback of how our body is doing. Our objective should be to learn to tap into it and hear our body and then with a little trial and error figure out what it is our body needs.

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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