Embracing Love and Miracles after loss

In this article, I’m very excited to welcome Kalen Olson as the author. Everyone deals with loss in their life. Many of my readers have dealt with the loss of a baby they never got to meet. Kalen specializes in meditation to create space for miracles, and below she will walk you through the steps of healing even in the face of incredible loss.

There is a unique pain in preparing a place in your heart for a child that never comes

~ David Platt

This month I’m reflecting on the two-year anniversary of my dad passing on from Leukemia. It’s also the holiday season. While many people are planning the delicious meals they will make with their loved ones and scheming with traditional list making, others are working through grief and loss.

The thing with grief and loss is; we don’t know when it’s going to strike. It comes like a thief in the night and turns our world upside down. Even though the circumstances that bring grief, loss, and sadness may look different, the process I’ve used to work through the grief in my life continues to be the same. I want to share with you the powerful tools we have available, turning grief and loss into more love and miracles in our lives.

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Step 1: Deciding There’s a New Way

Eventually, after we’ve experienced different emotions and frustration about our situation, fully deciding we’re ready for a new way is a powerful first step. It’s this little willingness we need to move out of the victim seat into a place of empowerment. Get clear within yourself that you’re ready to see your circumstances in a new light. Maybe there’s a way you haven’t seen your situation before. This step makes way for a new way forward.

Step 2: Acceptance

When we’re hit with the loss in our lives, the biggest step in order to begin switching our minds over to future miracles and hope is acceptance. If we aren’t in a state of acceptance of our situation, we’re in denial. Denial keeps us searching for answers where they aren’t. Acceptance, is not about our circumstances being okay, it’s about saying we’re ready to look at what happened in order to move forward. We can’t hope for something new until we deeply accept where we are at now- because now is the only place miracles can happen. In this step it’s normal to feel all of the feelings- allow sadness, hurt, anger. Allow it all to just be. It’s helpful to have a term, such as inner wisdom or spirit, to describe the presence within you while you do these steps. Ask your inner wisdom to be with you while you move through the rest of this process. Working with the observational part of your mind allows for a new perspective to begin peeking in. It allows for a new story to break away from the old story.

Step 3: Forgiveness

Work with your inner wisdom to forgive the situation. Feelings you have toward yourself or anyone else may come up at this point. In meditation it’s not about battling our thoughts in our heads, it’s about sinking deep down into our hearts for restoration and healing. Allow old feelings to bubble up and be as they are. There’s no fixing or judging needed here, just a letting go to allow a shift in perspective.

Step 4: Openness

Once we’ve come to a place of acceptance we can invite our inner wisdom to bring in a new perspective. Allow your inner wisdom to help you bring healing, love, and light to the situation. Imagine the situation out in front of you being healed by a warm light. Trust that your situation is being handed over for a new perspective. As you let go of the old story be open to a new perspective of the situation and a new path forward.

Step 5: Trust

After letting go of your situation and concerns, begin to rest in trust. This step may be a process that develops over time, but I can promise you with more practice, trust gets easier. Trust feels like there are solutions coming. It feels like you’re being taken care of. Trust that the solutions to your concerns are unfolding in new ways you may not have expected. Sometimes our thinking mind knows what’s best, but our inner wisdom has a way of unfolding miracles in our lives.

After doing this meditation I’ve felt grief and loss be completely replaced with joy. I’ve felt the love I want, come back into the holidays. I feel grateful to create new memories and feel love within myself. It’s that powerful.

In addition to listing the steps here, I’ve created a free-guided meditation for you to use.

Access Healing Hearts Meditation here:

You deserve miracles in your life and to heal whatever you’re experiencing for a deeper sense of joy, love, and ultimately miracles.

You deserve miracles in your life and to heal whatever you’re experiencing for a deeper sense of joy, love, and ultimately miracles.

Sending you lots of love and warmth this holiday season. 



About Kalen Olson, 

Kalen grew up in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state and went on to study public relations and later teaching. Kalen’s love of language and meaning-making in communications and teaching set the foundation to go from an outward search to an inward discovery.

Kalen has been a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles since 2013. Drawing from her experience in the classroom, Kalen loves connecting with clients one-on-one and in group settings to guide students in discovering their own inner wisdom. 

The style of meditation and healing approach Kalen uses offers students the opportunity to learn how to become their own healers. Kalen teaches students how to use practical tools to transform any area of their lives and find more joy and deeper clarity.

Kalen loves watching comedies, celebrating the seasons, painting artwork for her home and clients, dancing, and spending time outside enjoying the beautiful PNW outdoors!

She lives with her wonderful boyfriend in Bend, Oregon.

Follow Kalen on her Website and on social media