My 4 Shifts from infertility to the mama of 3

“Healing is not linear

Be gentle with yourself

Trust the process

Be patient


~ Unknown

Be constant in working on the things you desire for your life, health, and body.

I can tell you how I ate and how I worked out but that won’t, unfortunately, work for you. WHY? Because we are all unique and different. Sure the nutritional information I teach women helps! But only you know your body that provides the feedback of what you need!

4 Shifts I made to start healing and get pregnant!

Get clear! On what you are working towards and why

ACTION! Just get started. You don’t need to know everything about PCOS. You will as you go and your body will help teach you what works and what doesn’t for you.

Focus on you! Tune out the noise in your life and let this be your time

Ride the momentum wave and get excited!