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I help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome balance their hormones naturally so they can take back control of their health, boost their fertility and ultimately live free from their PCOS symptoms


Episode #106: PCOS 101: Understanding the Basics

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or a long-time PCOS navigator, this episode provides essential knowledge and tools to empower your journey. Learn about the genetic factors, identify your primary root causes, and explore lifestyle medicine to make sustainable changes that can positively impact your health.

Episode #105: Working with Your Doctor: Maximizing Medical Support for PCOS

Deepen your understanding of PCOS management with your healthcare provider. From interpreting lab results to navigating the implications of birth control and advocating for yourself in the diagnosis process, these episodes will equip you with the knowledge to take control of your PCOS journey. Discover how to balance natural healing with medical treatments and effectively communicate with your doctor to ensure your health needs are met. Happy listening, and don’t forget to subscribe for more binge-worthy content!

Episode #103: Yoga for Optimized Fertility

Tune in to this replay of the PCOS Repair Podcast as we revisit a conversation with Jennifer Edmunds, a yoga and fertility expert. Jennifer shares her personal journey of overcoming fertility challenges and how yoga significantly eased her anxiety, improved her sleep, balanced her thyroid, and aided her natural conception. Discover the profound benefits of yoga for PCOS and fertility, and learn how to start, even if you’re new to yoga. Don’t miss this episode packed with inspiring stories and practical tips!

Episode #102: PCOS and Emotional Eating Awareness

This episode is about the often overlooked but vital topic of emotional eating and its impact on PCOS. Explore how emotional triggers can lead to comfort eating, pulling us away from our dietary goals, and how managing these habits can significantly improve PCOS symptoms. Learn practical strategies for mindful eating and enhancing emotional health to better manage your PCOS. Tune in to transform your relationship with food and begin a journey towards healthier eating habits.

Episode #101: The PCOS Plate: A closer look at Nutrition’s Role in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Explore the research about the role of nutrition in managing PCOS. In this episode, we’ll explore how different diets impact the root causes of PCOS and why personalized nutrition is crucial. This episode isn’t just a review—it will help guide you to discover the best dietary practices to nourish and manage your PCOS. Tune in to unlock the power of food in your journey towards better health.

Episode #100: Harper’s Plant-Powered PCOS Health Transformation

This episode shares Harper’s journey with PCOS and a plant-based approach. Harper discovered unique ways to tailor her diet and lifestyle, finding relief for her PCOS symptoms. Her journey is a reminder that managing PCOS effectively means understanding and responding to your body’s unique needs. Tune in to explore how personalized adjustments can make a significant difference in your PCOS journey. Happy listening!

Episode #99: Ask Ashlene Anything

In this episode I’m answering your questions about managing PCOS. From optimal dosing for Inositol to tackling high testosterone levels, and exploring hair loss solutions, this episode is packed with insights derived from medical knowledge and extensive client experiences. Whether you’re curious about hormonal alternatives for PMS or wondering if PCOS can ever be “cured,” this episode provides detailed answers to help guide your journey.

Episode #98: Navigating PCOS: Teen Edition

Explore the unique challenges of managing PCOS during teenage years in this essential episode. We discuss the impact of adolescence on health and body image, and the importance of early PCOS detection. Learn practical strategies for teens to manage symptoms and advocate for their needs. Tune in for insights on supporting long-term health.

Episode #97: Nurturing a Positive Body Image with PCOS

Listen to this episode for a candid conversation about breaking the barriers to self-love, embracing practical steps towards body acceptance, and nurturing a positive relationship with your body.

Episode #96: Sleep and Hormones: An Article Review of Melatonin’s Impact on PCOS

This episode reviews recent research about melatonin supplementation and PCOS. Uncover insights into how melatonin influences hormonal, inflammatory, genetic, and oxidative stress parameters in PCOS. Learn about the study’s findings and discover natural ways to boost melatonin levels. Tune in now for a fresh perspective on managing PCOS symptoms.

What the Heck to Eat to Repair PCOS Fertility?

PCOS: Why Alcohol is Not Your Friend

PCOS: Why Alcohol is Not Your Friend

While pregnancy and alcohol don’t mix. What about alcohol and infertility. Is the occasional adult beverage okay? When can a glass of wine or a cocktail be enjoyed and when should alcohol be avoided. Is red wine okay or should drinks be low carb only? These questions and more are discussed in this post about how alcohol affects your PCOS fertility, weight loss endeavors, and other PCOS symptoms.

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The PCOS Detox

The PCOS Detox

Ready to reboot your Fertility? That is exactly what I will help you do in the 7-day PCOS Detox program. It is a deep dive into your health to reset craving, habits and your health.
You’ll get the exact little formula I have created and follow when I need to re-center my health, want to break a fitness or weight-loss stall, or when I notice my health slipping and the reappearance of my PCOS symptoms. This detox regimen has allowed me to have three healthy pregnancies, lose over 70 pounds, and not have to shave my face daily.

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Tracking Your Basal Body Temperature

Tracking Your Basal Body Temperature

Your basal body temperature (BBT) is your body’s lowest daily temperature. And it occurs after at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In women, your BBT rises and falls with your hormones allowing you to track your cycle and fertility.

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