PCOS Clean Eating 101 for Better Fertility

How to repair 

Your PCOS Fertility & Get Pregnant

My whole adult life I believed avoiding pregnancy was the trick and that getting pregnant was as straightforward as the birds and the bees. Boy was I wrong! 

After quitting hormonal birth control I couldn’t even figure where I was in my cycle. I had never been more confused in my life, and I had a medical degree! In this post, I will assist you in figuring out what the heck is going on with your cycle so that you can start repairing your fertility and get pregnant.

Regardless of where you are on this journey to discover what’s going on with your health and fertility let’s start back at the beginning. 

While I help you understand PCOS, answer the questions that your doctor didn’t, or that you didn’t know how to ask about, and help you finally get the proper care you need to heal your PCOS.

Realizing that there may be a problem is the first step. Recognizing that things aren’t going quite right, even if it starts out as a gut feeling. Then it is time to get your hormones checked. 

Even in my early 20’s I had this nagging fear “what if I can’t have kids?” I wanted them so bad, but my husband and I just weren’t ready yet. We were busy working on our professions.

When we started trying, and each month yielded more negative pregnancy tests the panic set in and I finally was seen by my doctor only to be told “you have PCOS and likely won’t be able to have your own children”.

How to get properly diagnosed is discussed in part two, which you can get access to here

No one is more invested or more in tune with your health than you are. Your healthcare practitioners are there to support you and assist you medically but they are limited by the symptoms you can articulate and the treatments that they administer vs what you can do with nutrition and lifestyle. This is why becoming informed and involved with your PCOS is so important 

As you learn to become your own advocate through the PCOS Rx video series workshop you will take back the power of your health and fertility in more ways than one

With irregular periods and an inability to get pregnant you may have PCOS, but the first step is to run tests that both confirm this diagnosis but also rule out other possible causes. 

Wanting to get pregnant is all-consuming. When told by a doctor that it might be difficult or impossible you feel that clock ticking stronger than ever! But take a moment to slow down to get the answers you need! 

PCOS is not a reproductive disorder nor an infertility disorder. Yes, it can create havoc on our fertility but the problem goes a lot deeper. 

Traditionally PCOS infertility treatment only addresses the hormones at the tip of the iceberg. By getting a proper workup and then choosing the best course of treatment we can actually repair our PCOS fertility and the hormones responsible, but we need to get to the root cause instead of just using a bandaid on the surface.


The PCOS Rx: 5 Steps to Your Fertility Repair

Allow me to walk you through the 5 steps to repair your fertility. In these 5 steps, you will learn how PCOS is affecting your ability to get pregnant, how to get a proper workup so that you have a clear understanding of your hormone imbalance, and create your dream team of practitioners to help you finally repair your fertility on your journey to becoming a mommy.

Symptoms such as irregular periods, not ovulating, acne, chin hairs, or thinning to the hair on your scalp arise from reproductive hormonal imbalance. But what caused the reproductive imbalance?

 Insulin is a big factor. You do not need to be diabetic or even insulin resistant to have trouble with insulin. 

Everytime you eat your body releases an exact amount of insulin to match the blood sugar spike caused by the food you just ate. This means that if you are eating refined and processed foods throughout the day your body will be exposed to large amounts of insulin leading to elevated testosterone and LH. 

Cortisol can become elevated with long periods of perceived stress from over exercising, a fast paced, high stress lifestyle, not taking time to unwind etc. Cortisol also increases the insulin effect in the body further worsening the hormone cascade. 

There are many other metabolic hormones, and when they are balanced and working properly your body hums along in great working order. With plenty of energy, a good mood, with easy to manage weight and optimal fertility 

Yes, I’m going to walk you through how to advocate for yourself and all the things you need to know about PCOS, but it comes down to some fine-tuning. And in order to become an expert in your own body, you’re going to need some help and support.

The next step of getting the proper diagnosis is often harder than it should be. We’re going to dive deep into that in the second video because so often I see women getting diagnosed in the most roundabout, lengthy, confusing, and frustrating process possible. It shouldn’t be that hard. 

So here is the take-home point. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope it works. Get to the root cause of your PCOS fertility struggle so that you get pregnant instead of ending up in the infertility cycle of insanity

Your fertility is a complex and beautiful dance. Discover the best treatment options so that when you get your positive pregnancy test you are strong and healthy, 

So that you are physically and emotionally ready to fully enjoy becoming a mama 

Finally have a clear path to your fertility health so that you stop feeling passed around, in the dark and instead feel hopeful and alive again! 

When we know the next step to take then there is a reason to hope again

Take the next step by joining the PCOS Rx video series 

So let’s get started 

You will want to watch this free video series if: 

  • You left your doctors office full of unanswered questions
  • Your doctor didn’t talk to you about what to eat to support your fertility 
  • If you want to get pregnant and are unsure about fertility treatments 
  • And if you want to stop feeling lost in the dark of infertility 

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Ashlene Korcek PA-C 

Hi there! I’m Ashlene Korcek, the PCOS Mama and founder of Nourished to Healthy

I help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome balance their hormones naturally so that they can take back control of their bodies, boost their fertility, and ultimately live free from the symptoms of PCOS. Like you, I have PCOS, I was diagnosed while struggling with infertility and was told I likely would never have children. Even as a board-certified Physician Assistant I felt lost about what to do and very alone! Fast forward 5 years and I have 3 healthy children, but I never want another woman to feel lost and alone the way I did!

You can break free from the downward spiral of PCOS and feel amazing in your own skin again! 

Read more about my story of how I healed my infertility and cracked my weight struggle code for good here!

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