Your Primary PCOS Root Cause May Be:


Inflammation stimulates your ovaries to produce more androgens (male hormones such as testosterone) which worsens your PCOS symptoms. 

The inflammation root cause is essentially split into two categories

First there are non-PCOS inflammatory disorders:

Common ones include skin disorders, digestive system disorders, autoimmune disorders, and so on that add to the inflammation in your body. 

Second, there are things that increase Inflammation. 

This can include things we eat or come in contact with. It can also include our current health status, even just the presence of excess fat tissue, especially around the midsection can increase the inflammation in our body. 

Inflammation can be a vicious cycle where PCOS worsens inflammation but that inflammation in turns worsens your PCOS 

The good news is that nourishing your body with an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle adjustments can break this vicious cycle and dramatically reduce the inflammation in your body, and greatly improve your PCOS symptoms.

While inflammation appears to be your primary root cause you may have others. Most women have a combination of root causes that require an individualized approach to treatment. 

To learn more about caring for the root cause of inflammation, I invite you to get on the waitlist for the PCOS Root Cause Masterclass where you will learn more about using PCOS Lifestyle Medicine to reverse PCOS at the root cause.