Your Primary PCOS Root Cause May Be:

The Insulin Effect 

This occurs when your body is releasing higher than ideal volumes of insulin when you eat. Either because of what you just ate or because your body is beginning to become resistant to insulin requiring a larger and larger amount for it to work. 

Now before you say….”but my doctor told me my blood sugar and lab work is fine”, let me explain. This begins happening long before it can be detected as abnormal on blood work. 

Too much insulin leads to an energy crash after eating. And the more insulin circulates your body throughout the day the more it stimulates the increases in testosterone. This increased testosterone leads to unwanted hair, skin issues, hair loss, and problems ovulating 

The good news is that nourishing your body with blood-sugar balancing foods and lifestyle adjustments can have a dramatic reduction in the insulin effect on your body, and greatly improve your PCOS symptoms. 

While the insulin effect appears to be your primary root cause you may have others. Most women have a combination of root causes that require an individualized approach to treatment. 

Take a personalized approach to your PCOS Root Cause with unique lifestyle modifications designed to work for you. Learn more about using PCOS Lifestyle Medicine to reverse PCOS at the root cause.