Your Primary PCOS Root Cause May Be:

A Stress Response

When our body perceives its environment to be unsafe it will do its best to protect you. This happens at a primal level and has nothing to do with your actual safety. For example restricting calories can lead your body to believe there is a famine and that it should do everything possible to not lose weight. 

Environmental stressors include pretty much anything that enters the bubble we live in. These can be further broken down into physical or emotional stressors. The actual sources of these stressors aren’t necessarily good or bad and do not need to, and often cannot be avoided. It’s how you communicate and care for yourself in the face of these stressors that matters 

The good news is that by creating an environment that lets your body know that is safe your body can begin working with you instead of against you for better health and reduced PCOS symptoms.

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