Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is often first diagnosed in women struggling with infertility. But even after being diagnosed there are limited options and recommendations to assist women with PCOS to conquer their infertility.

When month after month yielded another negative pregnancy test I had a gut feeling something was wrong. My cycle was irregular ranging from 22-61 days in length and ovulation tests where usually inconclusive.

At my doctors’ appointment, I was told my diagnosis and given a referral to infertility but warned that it would be an uphill struggle at best and to prepare myself. The appointment ended with “good luck!”

Needless to say, I was devastated and rode the emotional roller coaster of anger, loss, broken, despair and even hope at finally having answers!

 Then something magical happened I found a moment of peace! I had answers and I had a fertility appointment with a specialist. The appointment wasn’t as soon as I would have liked but now I had 3 months of space and it was a huge mindset shift! This would be my time!

Healing My Hormones

I had failed to get pregnant on my own. This would be my pressure-free three months to take care of my body physically and mentally so I would be prepared for whatever my path to motherhood had in store for me!

I changed my diet, my physical activity and my mental and emotional environment for optimal health.

This shift although outwardly not all that different changed me. I had let go of “you should eat this not that” and “you should get this much of this type of exercise” or “you should show up to this or help out with that” and so on. Now I was was eating to nourish and care for my body to love on it and help it prepare to hopefully carry a baby to term with the help of my infertility specialist. I exercised for health and to feel connected to my body. Not to win a race or burn calories. And finally, I gave myself permission to let go of social guilt and obligation as I focused on me for 3 months.

I had never felt so alive or good in my body! I think I lost 5-7 pounds, nothing significant but my confidence was at an all time high simply from the care I was showing myself!


I met with my fertility specialist he was an amazingly kind, knowledgeable and positive person and I felt like so blessed to have such a great doctor on my side! He ordered some more tests and we made the plan to start Letrozole with my next cycle. I made the appointment and went home to wait for 2 weeks. 

The night before my appointment to start the medication I decided what the heck I’m going to take one last pregnancy test her at home!

 It was positive!!!! I was dumbfounded, ecstatic, crying, disbelieving and completely overjoyed!

You can learn more about the lifestyle changes I made and how you can implement them below. I am far from against medical interventions with your physician but these lifestyle changes can make them unnecessary or help them work better depending many factors of your health. 

I would love to hear from you below, so tell me what you are currently doing to manage your PCOS and ask any questions you have! I love connecting with my readers!

About Ashlene: She is a board-certified physician assistant who specializes in helping women with PCOS balance their hormones naturally through diet and lifestyle changes to boost their fertility and manage their PCOS symptoms without medications. More about Ashlene

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