How to Choose Your PCOS Supplements

When our health is in question and we get a diagnosis such as PCOS, the first question is how to fix it. Supplements are often one of the first places women turn when they find out they have PCOS. 

When our health is in question and we get a diagnosis such as PCOS, the first question is how to fix it. Supplements are often one of the first places women turn when they find out they have PCOS. 

You’ve searched google and read all about the nasty side effects of medications. The reports of taking supplements seem to be more pleasant. 

I get asked all the time…. are supplements really helpful, are the success stories real, and if they are helpful which ones should I take? 

In today’s video, I am going to break down what supplements when supplements might be helpful and how to choose one.

Do you need a PCOS Supplement?

The short answer is no you do not. You cannot supplement your way past poor nourishment anyway. That said a well-chosen supplement can support hormone balance and fertility repair. 

In full disclosure, I have never routinely taken supplements. I also do not profit in any way from any discussed here in this post. I make this distinction because most supplement articles are written by individuals selling or receiving kickbacks on purchases. which creates a conflict of interest. 

Supplements are an important consideration when managing your PCOS. Before we dive into the long list of options let me point out a few considerations. 

First, a supplement is still medicinal. Supplements are the oldest form of medicine. This means they can be harmful if taken incorrectly. Many have been used for hundreds of years, although not researched by modern medicine. This means that supplements are not well regulated, which is why it is important to do your research before selecting a supplement to use. 

Second, a supplement can be a waste of money. If you aren’t selecting something your body actually needs you are just flushing money. Literally, your body is passing the supplement right through you and into the toilet. 

But third, and why I am even creating this post is that the right supplements can assist to manage your PCOS. A well-chosen supplement can help with cravings, insulin sensitivity, better energy, and hormone health. It can help you over the hump and build momentum in your own lifestyle endeavors to care for your body.

The role of a PCOS supplement

PCOS is a syndrome, which means a collection of symptoms. These symptoms are caused by various hormones being out of balance. There are many causes of the hormone imbalance such as insulin resistance, inflammation, or other lifestyle factors.

Before selecting a supplement for PCOS it is important to have a good understanding of your hormone imbalance root cause. 

While a supplement can’t cure or even relieve all PCOS problems if chosen carefully it may help. As you can see though, it is important to first know why you have a hormone imbalance and then you can choose a supplement. Supplements can assist by resoring nutrients, improve blood sugar, and help you recover from birth control.

It is easier to make better health efforts when you feel better. PCOS can have a downward spiral of worsening symptoms due to increasingly imbalanced hormones. The opposite is also true. As you gain traction in your hormone health you also gain momentum and the improvement in health gets easier and easier. 

A well-chosen supplement can support your body where it is struggling. A supplement might have less side effects than prescription medication. A supplement may also do more for the correction of the root cause. 

A further benefit of a supplement that can’t be overlooked is the cost. The time and effort it takes to select a supplement and the cost subconsciously and consciously tells yourself your health is a priority. Making your health a priority for long enough to see results and gain traction also builds momentum.

Choosing your PCOS Supplement

Start with the symptoms and struggles you are facing. You might have read about fertility supplements on google. But struggling to get pregnant doesn’t indicate the need of any one supplement.

There are a few hormonal causes for infrequent ovulation or low progesterone levels.

Are your cycle regular, short, long, etc. do you have out-of-control cravings, or constant fatigue. These are all indications of what is going on deeper. 

In summary, don’t take a supplement in hopes it will work. Instead, take the time or get help to discover your root cause(s) and select the supplement(s) that are best suited to assist you. Below you will find a list of symptoms categorized to help you research further.

Along with your decision to try a supplement here is a free guide to help you nourish your hormones as well.



Whether you have formally been diagnosed with PCOS or whether you suspect that you have it, you’ve probably started to research what can I do about these symptoms that I’m having?   


Can you even cure PCOS? ….  


Do you need a supplement? What supplements should you take? Are supplements even helpful for PCOS? And if they are, which one do you need?  


Many of the supplements that we consider potentially beneficial for PCOS are some of the oldest medicine that we have.  


When we look for a supplement, it’s important to make sure that the company is reputable.  


The number of calories that we should eat in a day, it can be very difficult to get a fully well-rounded, nutrient-dense profile in one day.  


Here is an example of how complex the root cause can be… There are many causes of high testosterone. It can be due to high insulin, or it can be from cortisol….. 


If you matched the correct supplement with the correct root cause, you can improve your symptoms dramatically.   


As we start to improve our health, either through lifestyle or supplementation, we can increase our chances of getting pregnant. And so we want to make sure that our supplements are safe.  


Supplements and PCOS are very personal. It’s not a one-size-fits all…. 


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