Episode # 1: What is PCOS 

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What is PCOS? Finally understand PCOS & start reversing it

With all the PCOS confusion out there, I started this podcast to help you understand what PCOS is and how to get your life back. 

In this first episode of “PCOS Repair” I am going to break down everything that has been confusing about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). By listening closely during these next few minutes you will learn where PCOS comes from. Who gets it? What are common symptoms? And most importantly what is the best way to manage it. 

PCOS is a syndrome

A syndrome is not a black and white diagnosis which is unfortunately why the process of getting diagnosed can be long and frustrating. So in this episode I will help you get past that to what is important to focus o  in order to relieve the frustration that so frequently accompanies the diagnosis of PCOS.

Understanding What is PCOS AND what it is not

you will finally be able to spend your energy on what does mater so that you can finally start reversing your PCOS symptoms and…..

  • Boost fertility 
  • Shed unwanted body fat
  • Stop losing hair
  • Have better mood and energy 
  • And ultimately live in a body and have a life you enjoy fully!

In this short but packed episode we will cover what causes PCOS, and more importantly the best way of treating it 

Do you have your listening ears on? Good — because if you want to reverse your PCOS, you definitely want to listen closely.

Here’s a glance at this episode…


There is a lot of misinformation out there, and in this episode we will set the stage for all the future topics and give a clear understanding of a not so clear diagnosis. 


On a practical level, you, as an individual person, want to know what’s going on……..What do I do about it? But it’s also really important to understand what polycystic ovarian syndrome is.


It is not a reproductive disorder. ….. And so it’s really important to, first of all, realize it is not a reproductive disorder. 


So this leads to the question, well, what causes PCOS? Am I born with it?


2019, a study came out showing a genetic tendency….Each individual woman may have a couple of these genes, not all of them. And these genes are genes that affect things like ….. 


So the good news with this is that our environment, something that we can control, has a huge impact on our PCOS.  


However, here ….. in the PCOS Repair podcast, we want to look at how can we really get in there to the root cause of PCOS and make a huge impact and ultimately reverse our symptoms altogether.  


That is the way that we want to approach really treating PCOS as the root cause so that we can feel amazing in our bodies, have excellent fertility when we want it, have easy painless, regular periods so that they don’t drive us crazy on a monthly basis so that we can live in a body that is at the weight and at the strength and fitness that we desire so that we can have energy and enjoy our life to the fullest. 

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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