Episode #8: Getting Pregnant with PCOS

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getting pregnant with pcos

What you’ll learn in this episode

“How can I get pregnant with PCOS?” It’s the number one question I get asked and it’s exactly what we are talking about in this episode of the PCOS Repair Podcast!

PCOS Fertility

PCOS is the top cause of female infertility but the good news is that it is one of the most treatable causes of infertility. 

First How Does PCOS affect fertility?

  • Hormone imbalance disturbs your cycles and ovulation
  • Low progesterone can increase the risk of first-trimester miscarriage
  • Increases risk factors for a healthy pregnancy 

How to treat PCOS Infertility

The perception is that infertility treatments with medications, IUI, or IVF are the solution to infertility. And while they can be the answer for some couples there are many considerations on when and how to proceed down the path towards these medical options. 

A Natural Approach to Getting Pregnant with PCOS

Creating a healthy environment for your body addresses all 3 of the ways that PCOS can stop you from getting pregnant and carrying a healthy baby to term. This doesn’t have to exclude medical assistance but I recommend listening to this episode to help create a strategic plan for when and what steps you will take next. 

So are you ready to learn how to balance your hormones to optimize fertility? Then have a listen to episode #8 now to learn how to get pregnant when you have PCOS.

Here’s a glance at this episode…


Welcome back to the PCOS Repair podcast where we’re going to be talking about getting pregnant naturally with PCOS. This is the number one question that I get asked and I’m going to do my best to answer it in this episode. 


We think of our period as the main event of our monthly cycle, but the truth is, the main event is ovulation. Our body’s entire focus is on the rise and fall of hormones is to mature an egg, to release it, and to hopefully get pregnant.

The problem with PCOS is that we have an imbalance in hormones that doesn’t lead to the maturing of an egg.  The second way that PCOS affects our fertility is low progesterone. Low progesterone can have many problems, one of them being an increased risk of miscarrage during the first trimester. 


The third way that PCOS can affect our fertility and chances of carrying a healthy baby to term is increased health risks during pregnancy. 


What toll are the side effects of infertility treatments having on our bodies? 

When we look at the root causes of PCOS, [these treatments] create more chaos in our bodies, on top of the fact that the medications also mess with our hormone balance.


All the what-ifs and the anxieties and the fears and the anger at times of why am I having to go through this, instead putting the thoughts that I wanted to think in front of myself. My focus was on “I’m growing in health”, “I’m growing in confidence in my body,” “I am caring for my body so that it is creating a space for this baby that we want”. 


What about women who are either currently going through fertility treatments or who have been through fertility treatments and are planning to start them back up again?

The big difference is how we prepare our bodies, when we have a different mindset, when we’re taking the actions, we set ourselves up for a higher statistical chance of getting pregnant. But we also set ourselves up to maintain a different level of peace, comfort, and an enjoyment of the process. 


That’s where the PCOS repair podcast comes in. It’s not about choosing only medical or only natural or even always knowing the right steps. It’s about listening to your body, your body’s symptoms, your physical symptoms, your body’s emotional symptoms. What are you up for? 


So the best advice that I have for women who ask the question, what can I do to get pregnant when I have PCOS? Start with a deep breath. Think about, given the situation, what feels best to you.  My recommendation would be to take a few months to invest in your health.


Infertility treatments aren’t bad. Not at all. But they do take a toll on us…. take a break. If you’re feeling worn out by the infertility process, there’s no harm in stepping back and taking a break. 


There are many ways to create your own success story. Follow your own journey to improve fertility, to getting pregnant, to sustaining a healthy pregnancy, and to ultimately meeting your baby! 


Finding an inner calm with the choices that you’re making doesn’t just make the journey more enjoyable, it actually helps our hormones. It helps our body feel like it can do this. Like it’s safe to do this because it’s being cared for. It’s an environmental bubble that you’re creating for your body. It has the ability to do bigger things. 


There is a statistic, I forget the exact number but it was above 90%. Most women with PCOS do eventually have a baby. 

So on that hopeful note, I will say goodbye for today.

Results are not guaranteed. Please see Medical Disclaimer for more detail.

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